Monday, January 31, 2011

Stars Upon Thars

"Now, the Star-Belly Sneetches / Had bellies with stars. / The Plain-Belly Sneetches / Had none upon thars." Dr. Seuss    

I thought I would continue my introductions by linking you to some of my personal favorite blog posts, as starred in my Google Reader.  I think it will give you an idea of what I like…and what you might see in my own future posts.  Hopefully, these guys can walk with a little more pep in their step today, knowing that they had “stars upon thars”.

pork-chops-dijonSimply Recipes - Pork Chops with Dijon Sauce

Bake at 350 - Lamb Cookies
And Everything Sweet - Miniature Party Cakes
Prudent Baby - Gift Bow Tutorial Someday Crafts - Skirt to Hat
How about Orange – Printables    idealhome_pink_and_gray_living
A Blissful Nest - Pink & Gray Living Room

Event Design                                        
Hostess with the Mostess -Monkey Party   
Frost Me - Baby Shower Ideas                
Divine Party Concepts - Glittery Ballerina Party      
Celebrations Shoppe - Pink Lemonade Party
lemonade-first-birthday-party-ideaFried Okra
Humor & Life                                                  
Fried Okra - Funniest Mom Post EVER!

Restaurant & Event Reviews 

 Red Velvet Confections - Pacci Ristorante 

There are so many more, but unfortunately I have just recently started marking favorites, so I can’t go very far back.  Hope you enjoy…and get to know me, just a little bit better.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let's Get Ready to Ramble! 
Livocity: the act of Moving with Life

                            Do you really want an you really need one?

I mean, I could ramble on and on about how I Crave Variety, Love Being Around People and Seeing What Makes Them Tick, Dream Up a New Idea Every 5 Seconds, Thrive on Creative Projects, am Satisfied by Helping Other People by Using My Own Gifts and Talents (I mean who isn't), or how I Strive to Move with Life....but would it mean anything?

Probably not.  It might give you an idea of what to expect, or peak your interest a bit...but probably wouldn't accomplish that.  Instead, I would worry about how to put it, your reaction to it, and what I should have said instead (yes, I'm that insecure...but working on that, we can talk more about that later).

Just know this...I am excited about this new blog and the topics I plan on discussing (and even the ones I haven't thought of yet, but will ultimately find their way on these pages).  My hope is that you will enjoy, laugh, learn, engage, come back, and recommend to others.

Crisis averted for got the short version today. :)