Friday, March 4, 2011

Homemade Spring Wreath for $5!

My cravings for variety have led me to volunteer at a school.   I tutor a 17 year old student from China (1st year in America) in English and U.S. History, type study guides, handout tests and quizzes, organize everything from tests and materials to alumni outreach, supervise high schoolers as needed, create bulletin boards and decor, and a multitude of other random (I just love that word) tasks.

 So, when February ended, it was time to come up with something to replace the festive little hearts that adorned our classroom door.  One day, while rummaging through the cheap bins at Target, I came across colored egg wreath for only $2.50.  As can be expected with a 2 Buck wreath, it was small, boring and looked, well, cheap.  I knew...if I really thought about it, I could jazz it up. 

Supplies Used
Scrapbook Paper
Pink Feather Boa
Butterfly Sticker

First, I cut a piece of scrapbook paper into the shape of the wreath, only slightly larger.  Then, I drizzled glitter glue on each egg, to add a little pizazz.  Next, I created a bow from matching sheer ribbon, stuck a butterfly sticker in the center for an extra spring touch, and added a piece to the top as a "hanger".  For the last step, I wrapped a pink feather boa, and Ta Da...we have a fancy, modern Spring wreath.

For added effect on the actual door, I added some Spring decals that I bought last year at Target.  As you can see, my next project needs to be fixing the door at the school. :)



Tamara said...

Very cute!

Jenni Price Illustration said...

I love the feather boa accent! It sure adds pizazz!

Paula said...

I'll bet that your students love your creation. I'm about ready to craft an Easter wreath. I'm glad that Easter is late this year so that there's more time to enjoy the decorations.

Sherryd said...

That's so cute! I tend not to decorate for every holiday since I no longer have kids at home but this might be something I'd do for the grandkids.

Sandy Ang said...

It looks amazing. Love the little feathery 'nest' you made for those gorgeously coloured eggs !

Shannon @ Creative Catalog said...

Love this! Super cute.

Prairie Patch said...

I love how you embellished it and made it look super cute! You've definitely given me some ideas. :)


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I have the same egg wreath! Great idea for how to dress it up a bit. :) I bet your students love it!

Thanks so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party! Have fun finding some new reads, and I hope you'll stop by Serenity Now again soon. :)

Jamie said...

What a cute wreath. I'm your newest follower. I would love it if you linked your project up to my link party on Monday.
More The Merrier Monday.

Kim @ KimsKandyKreations said...

Very cute. Love how you dressed up a plain wreath to make it spectacular!

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