Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lamb and Little Bo Peep Birthday Party

When it comes to birthday parties for my little one, I look for something unique that suits her personality.  She has a musical DVD that shows kids acting out different songs; one of which, is Little Bo Peep.  She acts it out right along with them every time it comes on.  So, I decided that would be our theme for this past December's birthday.
I made these lamb place card holders (with cotton balls) as Little Bo Peep's lambs, who were holding "Where Are Ewe" signs.  I used a strip of green outdoor carpet as the table runner.  It was an affordable and easy solution.  
For food, I resisted the urge to serve lamb (cracking myself up), and chose to serve a wide assortment of appetizers.  We had chicken fingers, quiche, ham rollups, a veggie tray, guacamole, pigs 'n a blanket, and tomato & mozzarella salad with basil, which I set up in my office/craft room to make room for an extra table in the kitchen.
For the kid's favors, it was all lambs and Bo Peep...of course!  I found lamb stickers and a lamb card that said, "I Wooly Appreciate Ewe" at my local Christian book store.  Since it was December, I found adorable candy cane shaped crayons, which doubled as staffs.  Plus, I made white chocolate lambs with molds and melting dots.  
 I took this picture to the Great American Cookie Company so they could decorate the cake.
A collection of lambs and candy on a square of outdoor carpet was what I used to decorate the kids table.
A homemade lamb crossing sign welcomed our guests as they arrived.
She had a great time celebrating with her family, and even acted out the "Little Bo Peep" Song for them.


Overflow103 said...

this is beyond precious.....to not only take something that is so special to her, but to show her and everyone who comes how important SHE is and how important THEY are by such great attention to detail and such creative expression of a wonderful theme!! Ava is so blessed to have such a vivacious mom who loves to put 100,000% into EVERYTHING!!! I loved every single picture and every detail!

Anonymous said...

The cutest little bo peep ever! Very creative.

Charlene Anderson said...

What a great idea! It was adorable and I know that your little one thought it was the best ever birthday party. Good job Niki! That took a lot of thought and work, but looks like it was a success :) Can't wait for the revealing of this Dec. party.

Lyndrid said...

too cute

Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

What an adorable party -- great theme!!!